2 Internet TV Apps You Really Need to Try

The move to “cut the cord” and drop cable TV has been going on for some time now, and as broadband internet has become the norm the movement has grown.  With every cable

bill, more people join the revolution and make the decision to get their entertainment online. 

The average American watches five hours of TV every day, which is a lot of time to fill.  So let’s talk about the perfect cord-cutting experience—internet apps that give you shows that you actually want to

watch, and how you can watch them not just on your computer but on your TV. 

Get your entertainment from the source

If you enjoy network TV, you probably know that most major networks also have streaming versions of their shows online.  Hola, a new service launched in 2014, takes this to a whole new level and lets you access content all

over the world, even on sites which you might normally not be able to use.  If you’re frustrated by the fact that sites like BBC—while free in their own country and available through cable—don’t offer

an online pay-per-view service for non-residents, there’s good news. With Hola, viewing this content is no problem.  It works with sites worldwide, from the UK to Mexico, and is available as a browser add-on or an app

for your mobile device.

One of the sleekest apps is Mediahhh, which lets you not only watch live TV on your computer, but use your Android phone as a remote.  It’s available for Windows, Mac, and

Android, and while the content is currently limited to UK programming, you will find a lot of American shows on UK TV.  This app has smooth, extremely high-quality playback and intuitive interface consisting of a player, and

combined channel guide and an easy-to-navigate program guide.

Watch on your TV, not your computer

If you’re ready to cut the cord, visit InternetBundle.net and get your broadband on.  Start watching the shows you want, not the ones your cable company wants

you to see.

Google’s Chromecast, while technically not just an app, lets you stream content from your computer or your mobile device to your TV.  It’s

already built into a lot of existing entertainment apps, but is also available as a browser add-on for Chrome.  Just pick up a Chromecast adapter ($35), plug it into your TV, and start casting.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips That Ignite

Small businesses often find that conducting online marketing campaigns produces a very big return on investment. Just as businesses with retail storefronts usually promote goods and services through advertising efforts to prospective customers, companies can use cyberspace effectively to win customers.

Internet Marketing Advantages

The Internet offers several advantages for small businesses. Just consider these benefits: continuous marketing, global opportunities, guerrilla marketing opportunities.

Continuous Marketing

The cyber world functions 24/7/365. Even while a business owner sleeps, a website can continue to sell good and services to interested customers. Brick and mortar companies must pay employees to remain open around the clock; that consideration is simply not a factor online.

Global Opportunities

Most physical businesses function primarily in local or national markets. However, online companies often can tap into international ones. Even if economic conditions remain poor in a particular country, consumers elsewhere may have money to spend on products offered online by small businesses.

Guerrilla Marketing Opportunities

Small companies that maintain effective, well crafted websites can attract clients just as effectively as many large enterprises. For very little cost, they can use the online world to help them expand in size. Remember that many of today’s highly successful internet firms began as small businesses.

Tips That Ignite

Several ways exist to ignite online marketing campaigns. These include emphasizing customer responsiveness, offering fresh content and promoting interactivity.

Responsiveness Matters

Web sites that load quickly and pay attention to customer service generate more repeat visits than poorly designed sites requiring a long time to load, or those which ignore visitor concerns. Respond to visitor concerns.

Fresh Content

Adding accurate, new information about topics of interest can help generate loyal returning prospects. Effective marketing campaigns may turn these folks into customers. Simply by posting educational, interesting content frequently, a site owner can cultivate a large following.


Many visitors appreciate interactivity on sites. Polls, responsive search features and discussion forums often enhance the value of a website to visitors.


By considering these items, even very small enterprises can sometimes develop highly effective marketing campaigns. Customers come to appreciate and value these firms.

The Five Top Social Media Sites

Today it is quite easy to chat on the go, send images or large audio files, thanks to social media sites. For businesses, social media is an available platform to launch product campaigns and generate leads for their websites. Here are some of the top social media sites that have created a buzz over the years.


Ever since Zuckerberg released his pet project to the world, it created such a trend that Facebook was on everyone’s lips. Today, Facebook receives over 900million visitors monthly and it is ranked second on Alex.com, a site that ranks websites according to visibility and popularity.


Twitter gave us a new way to convey straight-to-the-point messages to friends and the entire world. Media agencies found this channel quite useful to convey round the hours information, trending topics and breaking news. Twitter also forms a great sites to post quick links to landing pages for businesses.


Professional photographers and photo enthusiasts find this as their haven to hang out in. Instagram allows you to take images, edit them with amazing filters and post them online for your followers to see. For businesses, Instagram is a spot on avenue to scout for fresh photography and sample portfolios.


LinkedIn is a professional platform where intellects, corporations, and job seekers converge to exchange ideas, contacts, employment and business opportunities. LinkedIn allows any individual to connect to top tier companies interacting directly with employs or HR managers. One can even submit their CV to a company directly on LinkedIn and land a job.


It came out just the other day and now is commanding quite a following online. Pinterest is a little different from all other social media sites; it works by using ‘pins’ which are pinned onto a ‘board’. Every user has their own boards onto which they pin articles or images that interest them. Pinterest receives over 250 million hits monthly and is ranked 26 (Alexa) as one of the popular sites.

There are many more social media sites coming up every day. Some of the social media sites to watch out for include Pheed, Bubblenews and Sharebloc.